News about Recycle Across America (RAA)

Bank of America joins the Let's recycle right movement! Begins using the standardized labels and donated thousands of standardized labels to U.S. K-12 schools!
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RAA presents at the GQ Awards Ball with actor Peter Facinelli
RAA partners with Green Schools Alliance offering free standardized labels to K-12 schools
RAA partners with Eco Schools USA offering free standardized labels to K-12 schools
The Weather Channel features story about RAA and the standardized labels and use of the labels in the largest private school in the U.S., Woodward Academy.
RAA partners with premier magazine publication Niche Magazine to advance standardized labels.
Recycle Across America partners with one of the top Billboard companies in the U.S. Over 6,600 billboards have displayed the celebrity-led "Let's recycle right!" campaign.
New York Times refers to Recycle Across America's standardized label initiative as "one of the top environmental fixes taking root today."
Some of the most notable brands in the world are now using the standardized labels, including: Walt Disney World Hotels and Resorts, NBC Universal, Bank of America, Hallmark, AOL, P&G, SanDisk, American Girl, Best Buy, to name a few.
Recycle Across America has been ask to contribute articles for Forbes twice. The first article, "Never underestimate the impact of a simple solution." and the second article was titled, "What is 'Having it All'? Four outstanding women respond".