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Donate for the next generation

In the past 18 months Recycle Across America™ has been able to donate more than 200,000 standardized labels to public schools throughout the U.S. With your help, we'd like to increase that number. The standardized labels are now being used by many types of businesses and organizations, but with your help, Recycle Across America wants to make sure that more schools can receive the labels without the need to pay. By providing free standardized labels to schools, we are ensuring that the next generation will be recycling more and recycling right; and subsequently saving finite natural resources from being depleted for manufacturing.

"Within the first year of using the standardized labels on our recycling bins, we have reduced our landfill/trash hauling expenses over $200,000 because the labels are helping us capture so much more recycling in our bins. Diverting that much more recyclable materials away from our trash dumpsters is saving us a fortune! Thank you Recycle Across America and Kiehl's for donating the labels to our schools!"

San Diego Unified School District

"Since using the standardized labels, we have doubled the amount of our recycling collected in the bins at our schools!"

Culver City Unified School District